Post a job

Posting a job is always free. You only pay when others complete your job. Others won't see your job if you don't have the balance to cover the posting price. You can always add dollars to your account with a credit card or through PayPal.

There are three ways to post a job:

  1. You can post a job manually. Just click the "Add a job" link in the "Job options" box on the left and you'll be taken to a page where you can enter in all the information needed to post a job. This is slower than the other methods but it puts all the control in your hands before you post the job. Since each job is tied to a FamilySearch Person ID, you'll need to get that information from the FamilySearch website.
  2. For a faster and easier way to post jobs, you can install our Chrome browser extension that will allow you to create a job right from the person page of FamilySearch tree. If you don't currently use Chrome, expect to spend about 10-15 minutes installing the browser and the browser extension to take advantage of this functionality. Once you do that, you can post a job in just a few clicks while you are working on the FamilySearch site. See instructions here.
  3. You can find what jobs need to be done for your ancestors and select the jobs you want to create using our partner site Find-A-Record. To do that click on the "Find-A-Record" link on the left under "Find Opportunities."

Regardless of which way you post a job, your job won't be visible to other users for a few minutes. This is normal.

Complete a job

To find jobs others need completed use the "Search jobs" link in the "Job options" box on the left. If you see a job that looks appealing click on the title to go to its detail page. If the job is active, you can reserve or claim the job from that page.