Design improvement - We need your feedback

Our initial focus for this site has been getting the key functionality out. We intend to do a major upgrade to the design of the site in May. We'd love your feedback related to what works well and what doesn't. Please use our feedback page (must be logged in).

Resources for new users

The help resource box on the left is a comprehensive list of the help available on the site. 

If you are new to the site, here are some suggestions:

  • watch our GenMarketplace intro to get background on the site
  • learn how to post a job on the site
  • see how to reserve and claim a job through the site


All of our help pages are formatted to print nicely.

Get efficient

If you'd like an easy way to get the benefits of GenMarketplace while you are already using FamilySearch, check out the instructions for using our Chrome browser plugin.

If you want an easy way to find missing opportunities, look at the instructions for using Find-A-Record to create jobs.